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Massage Gun Attachments - 4 Pcs Pack

Massage Gun Attachments - 4 Pcs Pack

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If you are looking for extra massage gun attachments, then you came to the right place. We provide the best quality and option of massage gun attachment.

Types of massage gun attachment.

Massage guns are convenient, affordable and effective for treating muscles – all these reasons makes this a perfect gift.

Here are 5 massage gun attachment:

  1. Four Claw Head
  2. Air Cushion Soft Head
  3. Comb Head
  4. Y Head

Four Claw Head

Loosen the tight and stiff muscles, Offer a bigger area soft contact massage, effectively eliminate fatigue. Used in areas with a lot of flesh, such inner thighs, outer thighs and buttocks.

Air Cushion Soft Head

Suitable for Sensitive Muscles Relaxation, come with a cushioning effect. It can provide softer massage and relieve pain.

Mainly for users who are new to use or not suitable for strong vibration.

Comb Head

Used for large muscles around back, legs and chest.

Y Head

The Curved head is good for your arms, thighs, calves and legs. Offer the best fitting massage.

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jhon B

quality of attachments good .